What is Sexual Harassment?

Sex Harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal, written, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that negatively affects your work environment. If you believe this applies to you, fill out a case evaluation here.

Are there other types of workplace harassment?

Yes.  Workplace harassment based on your race, gender (including pregnancy), disability, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age or veteran status that interferes with your work performance or affects the terms and conditions of your employment may also be illegal.

If you have experienced conduct at work that you believe may constitute harassment, we recommend you take action and contact our attorneys immediately. 

If you believe you may have experienced harassment in the workplace, feel free to contact our attorneys, or take a moment to provide the information below that will enable us to better determine if you have a case and what we can do to help you.

Do I have a case?

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