Unemployment Benefits

After your employment relationship ends, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.  At Fabian May & Anderson, PLLP, we can advise you on how the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Law affects you.  If you have applied for unemployment benefits and were denied due to a Determination of Ineligibility, we can help you appeal the denial of benefits.  We represent employees through the entire appeal process, including:

  • filing an appeal;
  • advising you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case;
  • reviewing and submitting documents relevant to your case;
  • preparing for your testimony;
  • selecting witnesses and preparing for their testimony on your behalf;
  • preparing cross-examination of the employer’s witnesses;
  • representing you at the hearing before an unemployment law judge.

If you have been unsuccessful obtaining benefits through the first level appeal, we can also help you make further appeals within the unemployment office and ultimately to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. We will review the judge’s decision carefully and determine if there are any factual or legal errors, review the recorded transcript of the hearing carefully and determine if there are any procedural errors, review all exhibits admitted into evidence and prepare a legal brief based on the law and the facts for overturning the judge’s decision.

If you need help obtaining unemployment benefits, feel free to contact our attorneys.

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