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Another Reason Minnesota Is Better Than Wisconsin

I can think of a number of reasons why Minnesota is better than Wisconsin.  Professional hockey, a more vibrant cultural scene, a lower unemployment rate, not being referred to as a “cheesehead” or other similar state-based derogatory nickname, and according to … Continue reading

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Governor Dayton Vetoes "Tort Reform" Bills

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton vetoed four alleged “tort reform” bills that the legislature had recently passed.  These bills would have cut the statute of limitations (the time in which you must bring a suit after the injury or illegal conduct … Continue reading

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Things At Work Aren’t Always As Clear As They May Seem

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals released an opinion today in which it affirmed the dismissal of Karen Chambers’ lawsuit against The Travelers Companies, Inc.  Chambers was employed by the insurer as a managing director and oversaw six underwriters in … Continue reading

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Your Boss Is Big Brother, Part 2

I recently saw this article about how access to the internet, the use of social media and how important connectivity is so important to the next generation of workers.  These “digital natives” as they are sometimes referred, would prefer a … Continue reading

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Your Boss Is Big Brother

I can almost guarantee Noah Kravitz did not see this coming: Getting sued by his former employer for $340,000 because his former employer, PhoneDog, claimed his Twitter followers were a “trade secret.”  PhoneDog is a company that reviews mobile devices … Continue reading

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Simply Being At The Center Of A Storm Doesn’t Provide A Cause Of Action.

According to reports, Michael Brodkorb, the former communications chief of the Minnesota Senate and and deputy chair of the state Republican party, has hired attorneys to pursue potential legal claims relating to his termination from his position in the Senate.  … Continue reading

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Severe Obesity Is A Disability Under The ADA

Recently, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana held that “severe obesity” qualifies as a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).   The court also held that someone who is “severely obese” (defined by the EEOC as someone with … Continue reading

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"They encourage you to report something and when you do, it seems as if it’s taken out on you…."

According to the New York Times, those were the words used by Warren Glover, a former NBA security director and former police officer, in his attempt to explain his termination as a long time NBA security director following his reports … Continue reading

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Your Friend Is Wrong: A Non-Compete Agreement Is Typically Enforceable in Minnesota

I probably get three or four phone calls a month from individuals who are unhappy at work, are thinking about making a change in their employment but wonder if that non-compete agreement they signed a year ago is really enforceable.  The conversation … Continue reading

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Petition To "Save Thanksgiving" Delivered To Target

The online petition started by a Target employee in Omaha, Nebraska, to push back the time that Target’s retail stores opened on “Black Friday” was delivered to the company’s corporate offices today.  I previously wrote about the petition which seeks to have … Continue reading

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