Pursuing Justice And Resolution For Our Clients With Workplace Disputes

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Protecting Your Rights As A Worker

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You spend an incredible amount of your life working. That experience is supposed to be profitable and rewarding. However, a workplace can become a source of a great deal of stress for many reasons, and you may need to consider your options.

And you do have options. We are Fabian May & Anderson, PLLP, and our attorneys are respected employment law attorneys committed to compassionate, personal service. Issues between employers and employees are extremely high stakes, but we present you with all your options and pursue the outcome you want with zeal and professionalism.

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Decades Of Experience Pursuing Justice

Choosing the right attorney for your workplace dispute is challenging. You want to find legal representation that understands what you have gone through and can skillfully pursue results. People facing discrimination or harassment at work often do not want to leave. They want what’s fair.

With our experience in employment law, we can educate you on the rights you have as an employee. We can pursue the justice you deserve in your workplace and prioritize your needs. We can be aggressive when it is necessary. We can be consolatory and confidential. We follow your lead to get to your goals.

Committed To Justice For Employees

Our goal is to help you decide if your legal rights have been violated, help you understand the legal process and aggressively work to help you resolve your work-related dispute by whatever means necessary.

If you believe that your workplace has become hostile or if you have experienced discrimination, reach out to us. You can schedule an appointment with us at our office in Minneapolis by calling 612-464-9105 or emailing us.